PSGSA Events – Fall 2014

September 26th, Friday (12-1pm – Grad Lounge)

Conference Presentations Discussion

– We will distribute information about the 2015 Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Conference deadline.

-If time permits, we will read and workshop abstracts for anyone that brings one.

October 3rd, Friday (1pm – Bolton 657)

John Reuter “Why Authoritarian Elections? An Elite-Based Theory with Evidence from Russian Mayoral Elections.”

-Department “Brown Bag” lunch.

October 9th, Thursday (7-9pm – Gasthaus)

-Research open table discussion. Bring research ideas or questions about your ongoing projects and get feedback from other grad students.

October 16th, Thursday (7-9pm – Gasthaus)

– 2nd research open table discussion.

October 24th, Friday (12-2pm – Bolton 637)

R Work Shop

-There will be a short presentation on some useful R tricks, and then we will workshop specific questions or problems.

-Bring your computer with R installed if you have specific questions.

October 30th, Friday (7-9pm – Von Trier, 2235 N. Farewell)

-3rd research open table discussion.

November 7th, Friday (1pm – Bolton 657)

Jennifer Clemens presenting research.

-Department “Brown Bag” lunch.

November 11th, Tuesday (7-9pm – Bolton 637)

-4th Research open table discussion.

-Bring specific methodology or research you are working on for you seminar classes if you have any.

November 21st, Friday (1-3pm – Bolton 637)

Basics of LaTex Workshop

-There will be an hour introductory presentation on the typesetting program, electronic bibliographic programs, and rendering R tables in LaTex.

-There will be time for questions and help setting up LaTex on personal computers.

November 25th, Tuesday (7-9pm – Paddy’s Pub 2339 N. Murray)

-Final research open table discussion for fall semester (just in time for seminar papers due dates).

December 5th, Friday (1pm – Bolton 657)

Sara Benesh presenting research

-Department “Brown Bag” lunch.

December 20th, Saturday (TBD)

-End of semester gathering.


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