Dissertation Template


The graduate school changed their guidelines for the Ph.D dissertation format. This is the new format, which has been approved by the graduate school. The example here was approved and uploaded on May 6, 2016.

LaTeX fileBibDesk fileFigure, Figure 2

Hello All,

In spite of many people receiving degrees at UWM, a LaTeX dissertation template has never been made widely available for use among graduate students. This sad collective action problem NEEDED TO BE RESOLVED. Therefore, I have created a LaTeX dissertation template that meets all of the university mandated specifications.  Since the task of constructing such a non-sensical, tediously constrained document is time consuming, I ask that you share the file with as many people as possible.

Included below are links to a .tex file, a .pdf figure, and a BibDesk file. If you put all of these files in the same folder on your computer. You should be able to successfully typeset the document, which includes having references and figures automatically populate in the document.


LaTeX file, BibDesk file, Figure,